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Roses from Ecuador

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If you've perused our webshop, you've likely encountered a special category — Ecuador Roses. These roses are so exceptional that they have their own distinct space. What sets apart these Ecuador flowers? Let's delve into the allure of the Queen of the roses.

What are Ecuadorian roses?

Ecuadorian roses are precisely what the name suggests — roses from Ecuador. Renowned for being grown in the ideal conditions of Ecuador's flower farms, these roses stand out due to the perfect weather that fosters their growth. The popularity of Ecuador flowers is a testament to the exceptional quality derived from these perfect weather conditions.

What makes the Ecuador rose the “Queen of the roses”?

Ecuador roses hold a prestigious position in the international flower market, often dubbed the "Queen of Roses." The demand for these roses is such that consumers explicitly request them from their florists. But what makes the roses from Ecuador so beloved? Let's uncover the reasons!

The Ecuador flower farms

Nestled high in the mountains near the equator, Ecuador flower farms benefit from exceptional geographic conditions, resulting in robust roses with impressive stems and large flower heads. The unique location creates an optimal environment for the cultivation of hundreds of rose varieties with a stunning colour palette.

Colour of roses from Ecuador

The Ecuadorian roses boast a diverse array of colors and varieties suitable for every occasion, from classic red, pink and white to yellow, lavender and sophisticated beige tones and uniquely bicolour varieties. Let your creativity flow with this big colour palette of beautiful flowers!

The size of Ecuador roses

Not only are Ecuadorian roses known for their vibrant colors, but their substantial size is also a distinguishing feature. The thick stems enable these roses to absorb extra nutrients, contributing to their extended vase life. The stem can grow over 1.5 meters (5 feet) high! Ecuador roses have the fullest rose heads in the world. Did you know already that the Ecuadorian rose heads are around 5 cms (2 inches) bigger in diameter than other roses? That’s massive!

Sustainability of roses from Ecuador

Delving into the sustainability of Ecuadorian roses reveals an interesting perspective. With the growing concern for sustainability, florists are increasingly curious about the ecological footprint of these roses. Farm Direct, a prominent rose importer, has conducted research to shed light on this important aspect.

The lifespan of an Ecuadorian rose

The considerable size of Ecuadorian roses not only enhances their visual appeal but also contributes to an extended lifespan. The robust stems facilitate enhanced nutrient absorption, ensuring a prolonged vase life for these beautiful roses.

Farm Direct’s research

Farm Direct's research indicates that, while there is no completely emission-free cut rose, Ecuadorian roses compare favorably in terms of emissions to roses from Europe. The ecological footprint, whether due to transportation or energy consumption for cultivation, is generally comparable or even lower. You can read more about their research here.

How to take care of Ecuador roses?

Caring for these beautiful roses from Ecuador is straightforward. Trim the stems at an angle, eliminate any lower leaves touching the water, and place them in a clean vase with fresh water. For optimal longevity, change the water every two days.

Getting a bulk of Ecuador roses

When it comes to sustainability, it's undoubtedly advantageous to purchase a bulk of Ecuador roses. This isn't just beneficial for the environment but also for your budget. For those seeking a bulk supply of Ecuadorian roses, our webshop offers a convenient solution. Embrace the allure of sustainably grown roses from Farm Direct, a specialized importer in the highest segment known for their flowers with distinctive dark green sleeves.

The most beautiful roses from Ecuador in our webshop

Explore the beauty of Ecuadorian roses from our esteemed supplier, Farm Direct, known for their sustainable and top-tier roses. For more information, visit their website. Buy Ecuador flowers directly here in our webshop!