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Eustoma: the Flower of Gratitude

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The eustoma is undoubtedly one of the most beloved flowers. With its elegant appearance and delicate petals, the eustoma has earned a special place in bouquets, weddings, and other special occasions. Let's delve deeper into this amazing flower and discover why it is so cherished.

How do you recognize the eustoma?

The eustoma, also known as the "prairie rose" or "lisianthus," originates from North and South America. It grows in states such as Texas, Nebraska, Nevada, and Colorado in riverbeds and prairie areas. The eustoma actually resembles a rose, but it has characteristics that set it apart. It has long stems without thorns and multiple flower buds. The eustoma comes in many colors, from pure white to vibrant pink, deep purple, and soft yellow. It offers a wide range of beautiful shades that can brighten up any space. Furthermore, some varieties have gorgeous filled petals that add a sense of luxury and refinement to bouquets and arrangements.

What does the eustoma symbolize?

Not only does the eustoma have a soft appearance, but its meaning is also gentle. It is generally associated with appreciation, gratitude, and charisma. Giving a bouquet of eustomas is a way to let someone know that you appreciate their presence and are grateful for their affection.

How do you care for the eustoma?

To fully enjoy the beauty of the eustoma, it is important to know how to take care of them properly. These flowers thrive best in a cool environment and require an adequate amount of water to stay fresh. It is advisable to cut the stems at an angle before placing them in a vase and to regularly change the water.

How can you use the eustoma?

The eustoma is a highly versatile flower, which is why it is widely used in bouquets and arrangements. It combines well with other flowers such as roses, baby's breath, snapdragons, and eucalyptus. Due to its long stems and versatile colors, the eustoma can be easily incorporated into hand-tied bouquets.

What to consider when ordering eustoma?

Of course, wholesale flower supplier PP Flowers offers eustoma in their assortment. You may wonder what to consider when ordering eustoma. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Eustoma comes in packs of 40 or 50. We prefer the pack of 40 because these flowers are heavier and of better quality.
  2. The eustoma from Dutch growers is considerably higher in quality than those from outside the Netherlands.
  3. We have a few favorite Dutch eustoma growers, namely: Van der Lugt, Waalzicht, Sunrise, L.I.S., and Montana. These nurseries provide eustomas of the best quality. However, Waalzicht and Sunrise are also much more expensive than the others, which, in our opinion, is not worth the price difference. Therefore, we recommend choosing Van der Lugt, L.I.S., or Montana.

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