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Import plants and flowers from Holland

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Curious about importing flowers from Holland and importing plants from Holland directly ? This article provides answers to frequently asked questions, guiding you through the advantages and considerations. Let's dive in!

Our wide selection of plants and flowers from holland

Explore our extensive collection of top-quality Holland flowers and plants. Why settle for less when you can have the best from the heart of floral excellence?

Plants from Holland

Unveil the beauty of Holland in your green spaces with our exceptional variety of imported plants from Holland. Elevate your flower shop or garden center with the finest flora from the Dutch landscapes.

Hydrangea imported from Holland

Holland plays a key role in the global popularity of Hydrangeas imported from Holland. These lush, bountiful blooms are cherished for their diverse colors and large, intricate flower heads. Dutch expertise in cultivating imported Hydrangeas has led to varieties that thrive in different climates, making them beloved choices for gardens and floral arrangements worldwide. Check our Hydrangeas here.

Phalaenopsis imported from Holland

Dutch orchid growers have perfected the art of nurturing these enchanting blooms, making them highly sought after for both ornamental and gifting purposes. Holland stands as a premier source, where each Phalaenopsis orchid imported from Holland exudes grace and timeless beauty. Check our Phalaenopsis here.

Anthurium imported from Holland

Anthuriums, with their heart-shaped blooms and glossy leaves, find a true home in Dutch horticulture. Anthuriums from Holland are cherished globally for their longevity, making them a cherished addition to bouquets and floral arrangements. Check our Anthuriums here.

Flowers from Holland

Immerse yourself in the charm of Dutch floral artistry. Our imported flowers from Holland bring an exquisite touch to your arrangements and events. Experience the difference with blooms straight from the flower capital.

Tulips imported from Holland

The iconic Tulip, synonymous with Holland, is a testament to Dutch mastery in floriculture. Renowned for their vivid colors and exquisite shapes, Dutch Tulips imported from Holland have become a global symbol of beauty. Check our Tulips here.

Roses imported from Holland

Roses imported from Holland have earned a distinguished reputation in the international flower market. Rose varieties imported from Holland showcase a wide range of colors, each bloom unfolding with precision and grace. Check our Roses here.

Lilies imported from Holland

Lilies imported from Holland, with their enchanting fragrance and exquisite petals, have captivated flower enthusiasts globally. Lilies from Holland are favored for their striking appearance and fragrance, adding a touch of splendor to diverse floral arrangements. Check our Lilies here.

Bulk import of flowers for cheaper transport

Optimize your transport costs by taking advantage of bulk flower imports. Discover how imported flowers in bulk lead to more economical transportation per trolley, making it a cost-effective solution for your floral needs.

Importing within the EU

To import flowers and plants from Holland within the EU, it's straightforward these days. No borders or customs declarations, but consider ordering plants and flowers in bulk for cost-effectiveness, ensuring you get the best value for your order. Transport companies often have minimum charges, usually about two CC trolleys.

Importing flowers outside EU

If you're outside the EU, customs clearance is necessary. You'll need a local agent to declare the shipment and make your import documents. Your wholesaler will also need to prepare extra documents, such as the Phytosanitary Certificate.

The Phytosanitairy Certificate tells which plants or flowers are in the shipment and if these are permitted to bring into your country. In this case, it’s also crucial that you know the regulations of your own country to avoid surprises.

Some plants from Holland are not allowed to be imported in every county or sometimes you will need extra documents, depending on your country’s regulations. To find out, you can ask a local clearing agent.

Importing with wholesalers

Not every wholesaler handles these kinds of shipments. They need special boxes and document-handling abilities. It's crucial to choose a wholesaler with expertise in international shipments. PP Flowers specializes in these logistics, providing a seamless experience.

Benefit from our knowledge and well-established processes. If you want to know more about importing flowers and plants from Holland with us and you want to see our assortment and prices, just request an account here.

Cost of importing bulk flowers

When located outside the EU, air transportation is common. Airlines charge a price/kg and a handling fee. Different airlines have different prices, depending on flight distance and availability. Additional charges for screening and handling are typically around €100.

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