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The Gladiolus: A Cheerful Flower for Your Creations

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Hey florists, let's talk about a true star among cut flowers today - the gladiolus! This beautiful flower not only has a name that sounds like music to the ears but also brings an explosion of color and joy to your floral creations. So, get ready to learn why the gladiolus is a must-have in your assortment!


The Radiant Story of the Gladiolus Flower

Have you ever wondered why the gladiolus carries such a mysterious name? Well, this flower is named after the Latin word "gladius," which means sword. And to be honest, when you look at its slender and upright shape, you immediately understand why! The gladiolus is known for its striking vertical growth, proudly reaching for the sky.


A Colorful Fiesta

One thing is certain: the gladiolus brings color! From fiery red to sunny yellow and gorgeous purple, this flower comes in a whole rainbow of shades. And the best part? Gladioli are true team players, effortlessly blending with other flowers in bouquets. Let your creativity run wild and play with colors to create breathtaking arrangements that melt everyone's hearts.


A Week of Joy

One of the nicest things about gladioli is their long vase life. With proper care, these flowers can shine in your creations for up to a week. But here's a little secret: cut the flower stems at an angle before placing them in water and remove any leaves below the waterline. This will give them the best start for a long and colorful life!


A Cut Flower for Every Occasion

Whether you want to create a festive atmosphere or add a touch of color to a subtle setting, the gladiolus effortlessly adapts to every occasion. From vibrant summer weddings to beautiful floral arrangements and lively compositions, this flower is always ready to impress. So, keep your customers happy with a versatile and vibrant choice!


As Strong as the Name, So Is the Symbolic Meaning

With such a powerful name, you'd expect a strong symbol. And that's certainly the case. Overall, the gladiolus symbolizes strength, victory, pride, and distinction. Because of these meanings, gladioli are often used to express sympathy for a loved one's passing or as a tribute to someone.


Let Your Creativity Blossom

The gladiolus gives you as a florist the opportunity to let your creativity blossom. From elegant single stems to lavish bouquets, there are countless ways to use this versatile flower. Combine different colors, add some green for contrast, and turn each floral arrangement into a masterpiece!


So, dear florists, what are you waiting for? Add some shine and color to your assortment with the gladiolus and let your customers enjoy this enchanting cut flower that always brings a smile. Be creative, be colorful, and make your floral creations truly unforgettable! View our assortment of gladiolus here in our webshop.