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Authorize ICL to do your customs clearance

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To authorize ICL to do your customs clearance, you need to fill in some forms and send them over to ICL. Please follow the following steps:

1. Print the following forms on your own letterhead:

DR Authority letter

Defra Format

Postponed VAT accounting Authority (only if you are VAT registered)

2. Print the application for trade credit

3. Fill in the forms and the application for trade credit and send them to ICL: pina@iclgo.com

4. Done! You now authorized Mentfield to do your customs clearance   

Summary of the extra charges of ICL

ICL will charge you for the handling they do. These charges will be charged on every shipment. Here is a summary of these charges:

Customs Clearance £45

Handling fee £15

Peach entry £20 

Plant Passport declaration £15 (for plants only)

If you still need to request your EORI number, PEACH entry, or HMRC, Please follow the other steps in this article:

How to import flowers and plants to the UK