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Supplier information
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Discover My Peony Society

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As a flower wholesaler, we are constantly seeking beautiful collaborations with growers and suppliers who help us provide our customers with the most stunning flowers. One of the valuable additions to our network is My Peony Society, a company known for its enchanting, high-quality peonies.

What is My Peony Society?

My Peony Society is more than just a supplier of peonies; it is an international alliance of the best peony growers, traders, florists, and stylists. Over 40 leading growers from 6 different countries have joined this alliance, with the aim of supplying the world with the most beautiful peonies. While the heart of My Peony Society lies in the Netherlands, their influence extends to countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and even New Zealand. With their global network, they deliver beautiful peonies to over 50 countries worldwide.

How can My Peony Society guarantee high-quality peonies?

My Peony Society is dedicated to delivering only the very best quality peonies to their customers. They achieve this by paying careful attention to every aspect of the production and transportation process. By collaborating with expert growers who have a passion for peonies, combined with innovative cultivation techniques and modern transportation methods, they strive to deliver the most beautiful and freshest flowers time and time again.

Enjoy peonies from My Peony Society all year round

Although the traditional peony season in Europe runs from March to July, My Peony Society manages to deliver fresh peonies virtually all year round. This is because they have planted internationally, allowing them to supply peonies from different parts of the world, such as Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Sustainable boxes made from flower waste

Also worth mentioning: sustainability is highly valued at My Peony Society. Their collaboration with Groot Packaging has led to innovative export boxes made from flower waste and paper, with the aim of having a positive impact on the environment. Each box contains 125 grams of fresh flower waste. The layers of corrugated cardboard provide a sturdy box, and the outer layer, made from flower waste, gives the box a unique appearance.

Can you order peonies directly from My Peony Society?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. My Peony Society supplies wholesalers in different countries. However, you can purchase My Peony Society peonies from us! Recognizable by the iconic black boxes with the logo and the text "Designed by nature, perfected by us", we offer the beautiful peonies from My Peony Society in our webshop. Take a look and order the most beautiful peonies online!

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