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Social Media: What is good content?

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Social media is a powerful tool to promote yourself, your brand, or your business. But to stand out in the crowded world of social media, you need to create good content. What makes content "good"? Here are some tips to help you create content that stands out and encourages engagement. We'll provide tips not only for content but also on how to improve your photos for social media!

10 Tips for Your Content:

  1. Relevance is key.
    Think about your audience and what interests them. Ensure that your content is relevant to your brand or business. There's no point in investing your valuable time in creating content that your target audience/followers don't find interesting. Put yourself in your audience's shoes and, if necessary, ask them what kind of content they'd like to see!
  2. Be authentic.
    People want to see authenticity on social media. Share your story and values in a genuine way. Show who you are!
  3. Keep it simple.
    Avoid excessive jargon or complex language. Make your message clear and concise.
  4. Tell a story.
    Stories are engaging and memorable. Use storytelling to convey your message.
  5. Be consistent.
    Regularly post content to build a loyal audience. Also, maintain a consistent visual style and tone of voice.
  6. Engage your audience.
    Ask questions and elicit responses. Respond to all comments and conclude your response with a question to keep the conversation open.
  7. Diversify your content.
    Experiment with different types of content: text, images, videos, infographics, and more. Provide value, education, or entertainment!
  8. Measure and optimize.
    Use analytics (convert your social media to a business profile!) to see which content performs well. Adjust your strategy based on the results.
  9. Stay aware of trends and news.
    Join in on current events if they're relevant to your brand. For example, use popular music for your Instagram Reels or participate in a challenge.
  10. Beware of banned hashtags.
    Research hashtags before using them to avoid using banned tags. Using banned hashtags can have unpleasant consequences!

6 Tips to Improve Your Photos for Social Media:

Creating attractive Instagram photos requires attention to detail and creativity. Here are some tips to help you create good photos for Instagram.

  1. Choose an interesting composition.
    Consider composition rules like the rule of thirds to make your photo interesting. Ensure a balanced and appealing layout.
  2. Natural light is your friend.
    Use natural light as much as possible for bright and vibrant photos. Avoid harsh shadows by shooting in the shade on a sunny day.
  3. Select the right background.
    A clean, uncluttered background makes your subject stand out. Consider using neutral or thematic backgrounds. This is especially important for photos of bouquets; you want them to shine!
  4. Work on your framing.
    Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Close-ups and detail shots can often be very captivating!
  5. Use editing tools.
    Edit your photos with apps like Lightroom, VSCO, or Instagram's own editing tools. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness for a professional look. But! Don't go crazy and better stay away from the filters that Instagram presets, as they rarely make your photos better.
  6. Think about color themes.
    A consistent color theme can give your Instagram feed a cohesive look. We're not necessarily talking about the colors in your photos because flowers come in hundreds of colors. Think about when you use a text block in your photo/video/Reels/stories: use the colors of your brand. And the font of your brand. Branding is important.

Good content on social media revolves around creating value for your audience, building engagement, and strengthening your online presence. Keep learning, experimenting, adapting, and growing to achieve success on social media.

This article is part of the Social Media Challenge for Florists.