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Flower information
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It’s peony season again!

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The peony is a special flower. Not only because it blooms for only 2 months per year (generally in May and June), but also because it will amaze you! From a dull bud to a beautiful and impressive flower. That's what makes the peony highly sought after. Do you want to know more about the peony? Read on!

The magical peony

Although the name might suggest otherwise, the peony is not related to the rose. The peony originates from China, where it was mainly cultivated for its roots, which were used as medicine. Although the peony is a tropical flower, it blooms in many Dutch gardens. With its buds closed, you would never think that the peony is such a magical flower. When it opens its buds, an incredible number of petals appear in a short amount of time. And it has a delightful fragrance too. It's no wonder it often shines at weddings with its beauty!

1000 varieties of peonies

The peony comes in many different forms, colors, and scents. There are over 1000 varieties! White, pink, dark pink, red, yellow, double flowers, single flowers... There's plenty of choice! Which one is your favorite? 

Buying peonies? Act fast!

As mentioned before, the peony is a true seasonal flower. It has a short blooming period. When it blooms and is available depends on the weather. They often bloom in May and June. Cut flowers are definitely available around Mother's Day! So, order them on time, because before you know it, they'll be gone.

Ordering peonies at PP Flowers

Of course, you should order peonies from PP Flowers. If you place an order through our webshop, please note that peonies in maturity stage 3-4 are already quite open. Keep that in mind! If you prefer peonies that are still relatively closed, go for stage 2-3. Check out our offerings in the webshop!