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Freesia: More Than a Fragrant Flower

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In the colorful world of floral artistry, there's a flower that is not only enchantingly beautiful but also carries a fragrant surprise. We're talking about the freesia, a flower that never fails to intrigue florists and flower enthusiasts alike. In this article, we delve deeper into the world of freesias and unveil some fascinating facts about this charming bloom.

A Dive into the Color Palette

Freesias are renowned for their graceful and colorful clusters of blooms. The palette ranges from soft pastels to vibrant and deep hues, making them versatile and perfect for various occasions. White freesias exude purity and innocence, while red and pink varieties symbolize love and passion. Yellow freesias bring a cheerful ambiance to any bouquet.

Double or Single?

Freesias come in two distinct forms: double-petaled freesias and single-petaled freesias.

  • Double-petaled: these freesias boast extra layers of petals, providing a lush and opulent appearance to any arrangement.
  • Single-petaled: simplicity graces these varieties with their slender, single petals that exude subtle elegance.
  • Two-Toned Blooms: some freesias surprise with petals displaying two colors, adding an intriguing and visually appealing dimension to bouquets.

The Seven Fat and Seven Lean Years

The freesia carries profound symbolic meanings. This flower symbolizes unconditional love and integrity. In some cultures, it was an age-old tradition to gift freesias when celebrating the seventh year of marriage. This practice symbolizes the 'turning point' in love, referring to the seven fat and seven lean years in a relationship.

The Enchanting Scent of Freesias

Beyond their beauty, freesias are also renowned for their delightful fragrance. The scent of freesias is not only pleasant but also distinctive. These flowers emit a sweet and refreshing aroma often described as a blend of citrus, flowers, and herbs. This characteristic scent has made freesias a popular choice for perfumes and scented candles. In fact, freesia essential oil is frequently used in the perfume industry due to its unique and appealing aroma. Adding freesias to bouquets and arrangements not only brings visual splendor but also infuses an enchanting fragrance into any space.

Did You Know This About Freesias?

The beautiful freesia has a long history and was first discovered in the 19th century by South African botanist and physician, Dr. Friedrich Freese, after whom they were ultimately named. Freese was captivated by the flora of his homeland and stumbled upon the freesia during his research. It wasn't until the 19th century that the freesia was introduced to Europe. Their sweet fragrance and exquisite blooms immediately caused a sensation and have since captured the hearts of many.

So, whether you're putting together a bouquet to express love, create a festive atmosphere, or simply to welcome the beauty of nature into your home, the freesia is ready to enchant your senses with its fragrant grace. Explore the astonishing variety of freesias in our online shop and be inspired by their natural beauty.