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The snapdragon in a bouquet

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The snapdragon is a versatile flower that can be beautifully incorporated into bouquets. The unique shape and vibrant colors of the snapdragon add a playful and lively element to any flower arrangement. Here are a few ways you can use a snapdragon in a bouquet.

Focal Point

Use the snapdragon as the centerpiece of your bouquet. Place a single snapdragon in the middle and let the other flowers flow around it. This creates a striking and vibrant arrangement where the snapdragon draws attention.

Snapdragon for Color Contrast

Combine the vibrant colors of the snapdragon with other flowers in contrasting shades. For example, combine red snapdragons with white or pink flowers for a striking color contrast that immediately catches the eye.

Vertical Accents with Snapdragon

The upright shape of the snapdragon makes it perfect for creating vertical accents in a bouquet. Use snapdragons to add height and structure to your arrangement. Place them along the sides of the bouquet or let them protrude above the other flowers.

Mix of Textures

The snapdragon has a distinctive texture with its soft, velvety petals. Combine the snapdragon with flowers of different textures, such as soft roses, delicate asters, or fluffy chrysanthemums. This creates an interesting contrast in texture and adds depth to the bouquet.

With the snapdragon as part of your bouquet, you add a touch of liveliness, structure, and color. Experiment with different combinations and discover the beautiful possibilities that the snapdragon offers for creating breathtaking flower arrangements. Discover our range of snapdragons today. Explore our assortment here!