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Asters: Natural Beauty

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In the world of florists, asters shine like silent gems, often overlooked but possessing undeniable charm. These simple yet refined flowers add a touch of natural beauty to bouquets and arrangements. They excel in wildflower bouquets and hand-picked arrangements. It's time to put the spotlight on these lovely flowers. Are you ready to explore what we've discovered about the aster?

A Sea of Colors

Asters bloom in a rich palette of colors, making them a valuable addition to flower arrangements. Purple-blue and white asters are the most common. Whether you opt for the timeless and soothing blue or the fiery warmth of red, asters offer a wide range of options for creative expression.

Diverse Shapes and Sizes

Asters come in various shapes and sizes. From delicate single flowers to lush double varieties, you can experiment with asters to create bouquets that perfectly suit the occasion.

Here are some common types of asters:

  • New York Asters: These asters have a classic look with their neat petals and bright colors. They work well in both modern and traditional arrangements.
  • Monte Cassino Asters: With their small, star-shaped flowers, Monte Cassino asters add a playful element to bouquets. They are great for adding a touch of lightness and vivacity.
  • Cassandra Asters: Cassandra asters are characterized by their radiant lavender-colored flowers. They add a striking element to arrangements and certainly catch the eye.

A True Autumn Flower

Did you know that asters are known as "autumn flowers"? This is because many types of asters reach their peak bloom in late summer and autumn. Their vibrant colors and star-shaped flowers bring gardens and flower arrangements to life just as the days grow shorter and autumn approaches. Asters not only bring color and joy to late summer but also celebrate the transition to the autumn season.

The Birth Flower of September

Asters have the honor of being the birth flower of September. This makes them a special choice for birthday bouquets and floral gifts for those born in this month.

A Symbol of Trust

Asters carry symbolic meanings of trust, patience, and wisdom. They are often used to reassure or encourage someone. In some cultures, asters are also associated with love and romance.

Did You Know This About Asters?

Asters have a fascinating history dating back to ancient Greece. The name "aster" comes from the Greek word for "star," owing to their star-shaped flowers. Ancient Greeks believed that asters originated from the dust left behind after the fall of stars. These flowers were also used in healing rituals.

In some cultures, it was believed that burning asters had a purifying effect and that the smoke drove away negative energies, including snakes and evil spirits. This practice was often carried out during special rituals or to purify a home or garden from malevolent influences.

Asters are often an overlooked treasure among cut flowers, but they possess an undeniable charm that enhances any floral arrangement. Whether you're creating a bouquet for an anniversary, a thank-you gesture, or simply to bring the beauty of nature into your home, asters add a touch of natural magic to every floral creation. Explore our selection of beautiful asters here in our online store!