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VIP Roses: Passionate, Innovative, Curious, and Proud

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VIP Roses, based in Nieuwveen, is a family business that has become a leading name in the floriculture industry. Established by brothers Marc and Ed Sassen, the company has evolved from their father’s rose greenhouse into an internationally recognized brand known for its innovative and high-quality roses.

A Legacy of Passion and Innovation

The Sassen brothers have cultivated their passion for roses into a thriving enterprise. Their dedication to sourcing and growing the most unique and beautiful rose varieties sets them apart in the industry. They continually explore new breeding techniques and seek out stunning varieties, ensuring their offerings remain exceptional.

Diverse Product Range

VIP Roses offers a wide range of products, and it’s not only about roses. Their assortment includes:

  1. Roses:
    Their signature product, grown with meticulous care to ensure each bloom reaches its full potential. These roses are known for their stunning shapes and vibrant colors.

  2. Tinted Flowers:
    VIP Roses has pioneered the art of flower tinting, creating spectacularly colorful and unique floral displays. This innovative approach has led to a variety of exciting new products that bring glamour and fun to the world of floristry.

  3. Dried and Preserved Flowers:
    These flowers maintain their beauty and color for an extended period, offering a lasting option for various decorative purposes.

Sustainable Practices

VIP Roses is committed to sustainable cultivation. By focusing on seasonal production from April to November, they significantly reduce energy usage. Additionally, their “insects against insects” approach to pest control minimizes the need for harsh chemicals, promoting a healthier environment and better-quality roses.

VIP Roses Wholesale

For those interested in wholesale VIP Roses, PP Flowers is the perfect partner. Our webshop connects you directly to VIP Roses, making it easy to order their beautiful flowers. Discover the ease and quality of VIP Roses by visiting our webshop here!