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Why would I import flowers from the Netherlands?

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Why would I import flowers from the Netherlands? Instead of buying from your local wholesaler.

Importing flowers from the Netherlands could be very interesting. In this blog, I will explain to you what the pros and cons are.


It is cheaper than buying from your local wholesaler

As the flowers come directly from the source in Aalsmeer, you will pay the same price as your local wholesaler pays for his flowers. The only point is that you pay extra costs for every shipment. For small shipments, these costs will be relatively expensive. But if you buy for around 1000GBP+ it will already be cheaper than buying from your local wholesaler.

The flowers will be more fresh

Again, as the flowers come directly from the source, you cut out the middle man. This means that the flowers you buy will be more fresh as these haven't been in stock with the middle man.

The range of products is a lot bigger

All flowers come from Aalsmeer so the biggest importers and growers are also located here. When you look on our webshop, you find 20.000 different lots of flowers directly from our growers and importers. Your local wholesaler is limited by what he can take to the UK.

Delivery is still very fast

The delivery to the UK is still very fast. The cut-off time (latest order possibility is 9 am). The next day around 9 am you will receive your flowers already, so it takes 24 hours to be delivered.


You will pay extra costs for the clearing agent

Since Brexit, the goods must be cleared into the UK. The extra costs are around 90GBP on every shipment. With bigger shipments, it would be ok to pay for these costs. But if you could only have a small shipment, it wouldn't be very cost-effective.

You must be a registered importer first

To be able to import your flowers yourself, you must fill in some paperwork. This will take some of your time to arrange. To become an importer, we made an article to explain in steps how to do that. Click here to read how to import flowers to the UK since Brexit.

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