Order information
Order information
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Important for our airfreight customers

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Important for airfreight customers (located outside Europe)

 When you are located outside Europe, we use air transportation to ship the flowers to you. You have to pick the shipment up from your closest airport.

Before you put the order through

Let us know when you want to start ordering, so we can arrange a flight. If the flight has been arranged, it’s important for you to make the order 2-3 days in advance.

For example, if the departure of the flight is on Friday, put the order through on Wednesday evening. This way we can collect, pack and send on Thursday for the Friday flight.

KG Price and screening costs

The prices for shipping have to do with kilograms. When we order a flight, the airline will tell us the kg price. Mostly this will be between €2.50-€4.50/kg depending on the place of destination. KG prices for a destination can also be changed over time.

Then there are also screening/handling costs of the shipment. This is always around €110 on every shipment, no matter how small or big the shipment is. You can understand that it’s more price efficient to do bigger shipments.


In general, the airline does not give a discount on the kg price, but in our experience, they sometimes give a better price if you make reservations for weekly shipments in advance. If you want to do weekly shipments for a longer period of time, let us know and we can try to get a better price.

The calculation for shipping charges

So we now know how the KG price works, but how do you calculate your total price for shipping? Well, you can’t do that exactly on beforehand. In our experience, around €10-€15 of flowers weights around 1KG. So if you buy for €1000-€1500 flowers, it would be around 100KG.

If, for example, the KG price is €2.50, the calculation would be:

100KG*2.5 = €250

+ €110 for screening/handling

= €360

So in this example, the total shipping price for €1000-€1500 flowers is €360



We pack the flowers for you in boxes. Normally we use AA boxes, but we can use other boxes if you prefer. We will always discuss this with you before we pack the flowers.

Different boxes have different prices. For example, AA boxes cost around €6/pcs. Every AA box could contain around a value of €220-€260 worth of flowers.

Flight time

The flight time is normally around 1 day, so in this case, it will arrive on Saturday. You will need to pick up the shipment from the airport.

AWB and Phytosanitary document

The moment we send the shipment to the airport, you will receive an AWB (Airwaybill). This AWB has all the information you need to pick up the shipment from the airport. The Phytosanitary document is a standard, we will always send this to you via email. For more information about documents, please read this article.

Invoicing summary

So what will the invoice be looking like? Underneath I will summarize how the total invoice price will be calculated:

  1. The total price of the flowers
  2. Total price for shipping
  3. Total price for packaging/boxes

The sum of these charges will be the price of the total invoice.

If you have any further questions, always feel free to contact +31 6 34659805.