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5x Facts about Gerberas

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Gerberas are not only colorful and vibrant but also irresistibly appealing. As a florist, it's important to offer a diverse selection of flowers, and gerberas are an excellent choice. Gerberas are widely incorporated in many bouquets. In this article, we share five interesting facts about gerberas and why you should include this flower in your assortment.

1. Rich colors and variety

Gerberas are available in a wide range of colors, including vibrant shades like red, yellow, orange, pink, and white. This colorful variety makes it easy to create stunning bouquets and arrangements that catch the eye. Additionally, gerberas also come in a miniature version known as the mini-gerbera or germini.

2. Long vase life

One of the greatest advantages of gerberas is their long vase life. These flowers can stay fresh for up to two weeks, making them an excellent choice for customers who want to enjoy their floral arrangements for an extended period.

3. Gerberas symbolizes... nothing?

Gerberas bring joy with their radiant colors, but they don't have an official symbol. This makes gerberas one of the few flowers without a recognized meaning. What does the gerbera symbolize to you?

4. Allergy-friendly flowers

For people with allergies, gerberas can be a great alternative. These flowers produce little to no pollen, making them suitable for individuals who are sensitive to allergic reactions. Other allergy-friendly flowers include roses and lisianthus.

5. Easy to care for

Gerberas are relatively easy to care for. They require regular watering and can thrive at room temperature. Avoid overwatering them, as it can cause the stem to rot.

Offering gerberas in your flower shop is a smart move. With their rich colors, long vase life, allergy-friendly nature, and easy care, gerberas will surely attract customers and enhance floral arrangements. Purchase gerberas from flower wholesaler PP Flowers. Contact us or visit our webshop for more information.